*places my hand on your cheek as I kiss you gently* *pulls away smiling widely* -harry:) Anonymous

Come on *i exit the car and go to your door and open it. I take your hand and drag you towards the front door* I wanna show you something I got recently

*boops your nose and smiles* thats adorable *pulls into your driveway and parks my car* *puts my hand over yours and says softly* can I kiss you? -harry:) Anonymous

I thought you’d never ask *i smile and lean over to you and press my lips against your lips*

*blushes softly and smiles a huge, goofy smile at you* I've likes you since fifth grade *says proudly* -harry:) Anonymous

I’ve liked you since third *i blush bright red*

*blushes hard and smiles widely* really? you've been waiting for m-*moans again as you brush your fingers against my crotch* *giggles* st-stop doing that, I can't concentrate with you doing that -harry:) Anonymous

*i giggle and pull my hand away*

*looks down at your hand with wide eyes every time it moves up* *moans softly as your hand goes particularly high and your fingers brush along my crotch* wh-what are you doing? -harry:) Anonymous

There’s a reason I’ve rejected every guy who approaches me harry. I was waiting for you. Remember I wanted to save myself till I find the right guy? *i blush and look at you*

*presses a small kiss to your forehead and smiles widely* -harry:) Anonymous

After class we get into your car and drive to your house. Me having my hand on your thigh. Moving up occasionally

*nods slowly and smiles at you* i would love that -harry:) Anonymous

I smile and snuggle into him and wrap my arms around him

(currently at school because I’m a rebel)
Omg no you dont no you dont furbys are actually super annoying and you cant turn them off and they have emotions and they get angry :0 Anonymous

But they are so cool. Plus I need a way to prove to my dad I can take care of a pet so he will allow me to get one :S

When someone asks me what I did when I couldn’t sleep tomorrow. My answer will be “I discovered I need/want a furby”

*chuckles quietly* yeah, i like cats, but there's something... someone else I really like and i, um *blushes hard* *says quietly* her name is lauren (πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ˜‰) -harry:) Anonymous

wonder if I know her *i smirk softly and wink at him* let’s skip the rest of the day *i bit my lip softly* (πŸ‘°πŸ‘°)

*smiles with a little bit more confidence* you know what else I like? *grins* -harry:) (i love keeping you entertained :) dont worry about school, youre probably gonna ace at least the majority of your classes and you'll see all your friends tomorrow yaaaaayy!) Anonymous

Cats? *i look at you and giggle* (omg thank you. Love you omf can we get internet married?)

So I have school -first day- tomorrow and my body won’t let me sleep. So thank you to my anon who is keeping me entertained.

Love you girl :*

*my cheeks turn into a deep shade of red in embarrassment* *intertwines our fingers and squeezes your hand lightly* *whispers* i love it when you rest your head on my shoulder and i love holding your hand *giggles* [niall (sitting behind us)] *rolls his eyes* stop beating around the bush harry, just tell her how you feel [harry] *realizes that you heard what he said and smiles embarrassedly, my cheeks burning with embarrassment* -harry:) Anonymous

*i smile to myself and snuggle closer to you* I like it too

Of course I care, i've liked you since forever *quickly realizes what i said* *my eyes widen* *says quickly* i m-mean, like you as a friend and who doesn't care about their friends right? *laughs nervously* -harry:) Anonymous

*when you first say you like me I smile but then my smile fades* oh… Right *i giggle sadly and close my eyes. Trying to just enjoy the fact you are allowing me to rest me head on your shoulder*

I don't care if she minds. She's mean to you and thats a shitty thing to do, especially since she does it just because she's jealous. *smiles at you a little* but I love spending time with you *smiles wider* -harry:) Anonymous

I love spending time with you too haz *i smile and lean my head on your shoulder* thank you for caring by the way.

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