*scoffs* Well hello to you too *sees your water bottle in samantha's hand and snatches it from her* [Samantha] *giggles* oooh, dominant. I like that *winks* [harry] *rolls my eyes* piss off, will you? *grabs my books from my locker and jogs to your locker* hi *leans against the door of your locker with a big grin* -harry:) Anonymous

Hey. *i smile and then groan at my locker* it’s not in here. It must have fell out when I was walking or something *i sigh and close my locker* you look upset did something happen? *i look over your shoulder to a very angry Samantha. I look back at you* what did they do?

*frowns and kisses your forehead* I'm only kidding -harry:) Anonymous

*i wink at you* gotcha. *i go into my bag and groan* I must have left my wAter in my locker. I’ll be back Mkay? *i kiss your before running off to my locker. Samantha comes from behind your locker door holding my water bottle* I thought she’d never leave *she laughs mischievously* hey hot-stuff. How about you tell me how my new lip balm tastes like?

*smiles and pulls you to my locker, walking excitedly and at a quick pace* come oooon slowpoke you walk at the pace of a sloth *laughs and tugs on your hand* -harry:) Anonymous

*pulls a frown and pretends to be offended*

*sees samantha glaring at you and glares back at her, wrapping an arm tightly around your waist and kissing you softly* *smiles a little* come with me to my locker? -harry:) Anonymous

*i smile softly when you kiss me* sure

This was not okay with me

You didn’t wanna be there. That’s why I tried to talk to you.

Like just look at it. At first he’s like “um. Really?” And then he’s like “haha alright kid. Alright” and I’m like awe.

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I loved the fist bump part so much. It’s just ugh. I feel like they are gonna have a daughter father bond(?)

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*closes my eyes and wraps my arms around your waist, pulling you into my chest* g'night baby *kisses your forehead* i love you *moves my head down a bit and sucks little kisses into your neck* -harry:) Anonymous

*i giggle a little before falling asleep*

-the next day-

*we walk into school hand in hand. Samantha noticing and giving me the death glare*

Literally me in the zombie apocalypse.

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*laughs and cuddles you closer* mhmm -harry:) Anonymous

*i smile and kiss your nose* goodnight 

*closes my eyes and wraps my arms around your waist* -harry:) Anonymous

*i smile* we should probably go to bed. It’s almost 2am and school is gonna be a bitch *i giggle a bit*

“He walked out in the gray light and stood and he saw for a brief moment the absolute truth of the world. The cold relentless circling of the intestate earth. Darkness implacable. The blind dogs of the sun in their running. The crushing black vacuum of the universe.” 
- The Road, Cormac McCarthy 

My baby <3

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part 25/?

One Direction appreciation post 

Zayn | Louis | Harry | Niall | Liam | Where We Are Tour

*smiles widely and smashes my lips against against your in a passionate kiss, sitting up so I'm sitting with you straddling my lap* -harry:) Anonymous

*i smile into the kiss and then softly pull away* i love you *i say as i rest my forehead against yours*

*giggles and smiles up at you happily* I was wondering if maybe you could come with me? And just stay backstage but um, I want you to be there *pecks your lips* -harry:) Anonymous

I wouldn’t miss it for the world *i smile and kiss you sweetly* I love you

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