*parks in my driveway and gets out of the car* *goes around the car and opens your door* -harry:) Anonymous

Thank you *giggles as I get out*

*pecks your lips and smiles* *starts driving to my house* -harry:) Anonymous

*i sing along to the radio on the way there*

*fixes my pants and pulls them up my legs* *fixes my hair in the mirror and smiles at my appearance* *walks out of the house and into the car* *laughs* stop looking so good or else you're good have to suck me off constantly *thinks for a second* keep looking good *blushes a little and giggles* -harry:) Anonymous

*i laugh as I lick my lips and wink*

*laughs and pulls you into my chest, wrapping my arms around you* *whispers in your ear* i owe you *smiles and snuggles into your neck* -harry:) Anonymous

*giggles and pulls away* now fix yourself up, we still have to go get you changed *laughs as I walk out of the bathroom back to the car*

*breathes heavily and opens my eyes to look at you, my cheeks bright pink* *says in a squeaky voice* you're so.. how are you so good at that? -harry:) Anonymous

being an insomniac, and watching tv late at night… you pick up a few things *i wink and kiss your cheek*

*whimpers every few seconds* g-gonna cum *moans loudly and rolls my head back in pleasure, cumming hard* -harry:) Anonymous

*i lick up the cum and swallow it. I stand up and smile innocently at you*

*squirms around* s-so close baby, don't stop *moans* -harry:) Anonymous

*i suck harder*

*moans loudly and arches my back in pleasure* -harry:) Anonymous

*i begin to massage your balls and continue to suck you*

*groans throatily* faster lauren, please *tugs harder on your hair* -harry:) Anonymous

*smirks and licks up your length and then takes you in my mouth*

*thrusts into your hand as my thighs begin to shake a little* *blushes embarrassedly and looks up at you, moaning every few seconds* -harry:) Anonymous

*i slowly get on my knees, knowing my slowness is driving you nuts*

*moans and squeezes my eyes shut, tugging on your hair slightly* god baby, so good -harry:) Anonymous

*smirks to myself as i pump my hands faster*

*moans softly and bucks my hips up into your hand, squeezing your hip harder and tangling one hand in your hair* -harry:) Anonymous

*i move the towel and begin to stroke you*

*my breathing hitches as you start touching me through the towel* *squeezes your hip a little* -harry:) Anonymous

*i smirk into your neck and continue to rub you through the towel*

*relaxes my shoulders and closes my eyes* *rolls my head back a little, giving you better access to my neck and squeezes your hand a bit* -harry:) Anonymous

*i suck at your neck and my hand touches the towel where you were covering yourself*

*shifts around a little, flustered* *looks up at you blushing hard* I-I mean if you want to then s-sure *reaches for your hand and intertwines our fingers* -harry:) Anonymous

*i smile innocently and press my lips against your neck, nibbling slightly at your skin, my one hand making its way down your side*

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